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24 September 2010

Lisburn City Council take note!

No creationism or "intelligent design" to be taught as science in British schools. End of.


  1. I see Ian Derthal man is now am MLA and a member health committe.

    If he ends up on the education committee we should start to get worried.

  2. Dunno Peter - Mervyn One-Storey-Short-of-a-tower-block was chair of the education committee for a while, and tried his darnedest. One of the few good things about the cretin of an education minister that we have was that she didn't cave in, and backed the (British) National Curriculum to the hilt.

    Not that she had any choice, but a rare moment of value in an otherwise worthless waste of space.

  3. Indeed Shane, at least we have the national curriculum to fall back on, no matter what the idiots propose in the councils or assembly.

    I hope she did it because she understood science, and not because she disliked the DUP.I have my doubts though.