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06 January 2012

Tweet people love playing "Divide and Rule"

Dianne Abbot MP may not be stupid in general, but her famous tweet*
was a stupid thing to say, and, yes, it was a racist thing to say. But
seriously, is this a major problem? Kick her arse and move on; let her
move on too.

One of the most tedious things about Twitter is the number of people
prepared to get enormously outraged at every silly wee thing; if you
had listened to Twitter, you'd have thought the Alternative Vote was
in the bag. You'd have thought that the NHS Bill would have foundered
in the early stages. You'd have thought that no-one would be stupid
enough to re-tweet "I'm doing an experiment to prove to my wife how
great Twitter is" crap.

Twitter, I am sorry to say, is a *shite* barometer of the wider
Zeitgeist, and people (including @shanemuk - pls RT my wife thinks I
waste too much time LOL FTW w00t etc etc #inaneCrap) need to get over
themselves a bit. A lot.

[*: "White people love playing Divide and Rule"]

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